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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recording process like?

The engineer and you will discuss your plan of attack for the song and complete the initial setup of the mic placement, mic levels, and headphone levels. Then we hit record, you speak into the beautiful Lewitt LCT 940 tube microphone and/or the Neumann U87ai that converts the voice into electrical energy which is received and also sent back you the artist via the headphones. Do you play an instrument? We can record acoustic/electric instruments via the mic for a live sound or record directly into the system via 1/4″ cable.

What is the cost of a recording session in your studio?

The cost of recording at Tunes Recording Studio starts at $85 for 1 hour with an engineer and multi-hour sessions are available with discounts.  Whatever you need within the time.  We can record, track, edit, mix, or master your music during your session. We work at any pace that suits you best and can adjust task on the fly. Let your engineer know what you would like to accomplish and lets make some HITS!

How is your recording studio built?

Our recording studio is built to standard with custom acoustic treatment. Quality materials were utilized to either reflect or absorb sound in the studio. So basically, the physical structure is also designed to give a recording artist the best possible outcome.  We have LED lights everywhere! You can customize the lighting of the room to fit the vibe of the current track. Plus they look awesome for music videos.  When recording, you will have a 34″ reference screen to view everything your engineer is doing to your track at all times.

Why should I consider using a professional studio?

There are different reasons why you need a professional studio just like ours. We have the right physical structure that supports good acoustics, top-notch equipment, and an experienced engineer to help you get the best possible recording outcome.

How do you guys make money?

Our pricing is used for both individual artists, bands, and corporate entities. So we get involved in the recording of different contents for different brands and individuals. Some of our clients consider us as the best recording studio in Durham, so we find it reasonable to attend to clients with various purposes when engaging in music production and sound recording.

How do I know when to visit the studio for a recording session?

Every studio session is by appointment. Usually, when you contact us and make demands on the number of hours you need, we will arrange for a time that is convenient for both parties. Once that is done, you will receive a detailed invoice with the studio address, my contact info, details of your package, and the 50% deposit options (Cashapp, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, cash).  Once the 50% deposit is received, you will be on schedule to have your session at the appointed time. Also, it is important to send the beats/files you plan to use to our email at tunesrecording@gmail.com so we can prepare each track for recording.

Do you have a recording staff or it’s a self-service?

Yes, you will be working 1-on-1 with an experienced engineer during your sessions.  Some other activities that we can handle include; mastering and mixing the audio, custom beat productions, or even recording a video, especially for those that want to capture the moment spent exploring the recording equipment. Recording a video is an additional cost, contact us today for more details in regards to our “Studio Promo Videos”.

What is the task of a recording studio engineer?

The person that handles the task of evaluating your recording for quality, discussing ideas by collaborating 1-on-1 with the artist during the creative process, and overall the person that keeps the session on track so you, the artist can focus on your craft.  The studio engineer will work closely with you to select the best possible outcome from a recording session.

Should I expect my label to handle the cost of studio sessions?

Labels are more interested at recordings that go viral, and not the recordings you are still working on. Which means it is important to prepare for handling the cost of all studio recordings.

What type of payments do you accept? 

We accept all major Credit or Debit cards. We also allow payments via PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, Samsung Pay, Zelle, cash, among many others. If your preferred form of payment is not listed, please contact us and we may be able to make an exception.

What is the difference between online mixing and mastering?

In simple terms of importance, we would say mixing is 90% and audio mastering makes up the remaining 10%. We refer to audio mastering as the icing on the cake. Audio mixing is the most important step, where we add EQ, compression, gate, reverb, delay, do beat drops, glitch effect, pitch correction, etc. Professional music mixing is the process where we take all of your sounds and instruments recorded and blend them to perfection. When the mixing and mastering services are completed, you will be blown away with how your finished product sounds musically.

Mastering on the other hand still involves compression, EQ, imaging, and limiting. Our music mastering is done to the final mix, adding the BIG sound and polish to bring your music to a radio-ready level. Mastering also allows helping the album sound unified. When we complete the mastering of your song, it will have the shine and balance as what you hear on today’s top 40 charts.

All of the music mastering services are done by the owner/audio engineer/producer Mack Geary, with over 17 years experience. This control room is an acoustically treated studio equipped with high-end analog and digital audio equipment. We assure you nothing but the best, balanced sound, booming low end, and a full dynamic range. 

Can I have the final files & stems after the mixing is completed?

Yes, you will receive all files associated with the project including vocals, stems, beats, SFX, etc.  You will also receive a google drive link with full access to the project(s) backup folder 24/7.  If you need anything else specific regarding the files just let us know.

Why should I have my audio mastered? 

Audio mastering is the last step in getting your music to its maximum potential. This step allows your music to compete with other professional/major label songs on a national and global stage. Whether you plan to release your music on the radio, CD, Cassette, DVD, Spotify, Apple Music, Sound Cloud, or publishing anywhere on the web, audio mastering is a necessary step and a vital part of musical success. 

How should I send my files for mixing and mastering services?

First, make sure all tracks in your mixer board are set to 0db(100%), no panning, and turn off all plugins/effects. Then go to wetransfer.com, and upload your Pro Tools session or compressed zip folder containing all audio stems. Enter your email address and use tunesrecording@gmail.com as the recipient. Press send and this step is complete, your engineer will handle the rest. 

What will I receive? 

Once your project is completed, you will be sent a 24bit high-quality .WAV and MP3 file. Stems and a copy of the session are available in your Google Drive folder.  Every mix and master session includes a plethora of compression, equalization, peak limiting, dynamic expansion, reverb, ambiance addition, stereo widening, noise reduction, loudness, bass enhancement, maximizing, hiss elimination, click cleanups, and much more. 

Do you offer a money-back guarantee on mixing & mastering services?

We don’t stop until every client is happy and in love with their music. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, not a money-back guarantee just to clarify. This is why we offer revisions at no additional charge, in return guaranteeing you will love your final product no matter how many attempts it may take. We are the premier song mixing & mastering service, your work is in great hands when you choose us!

Can I call/text you over the phone?

Sure you can give us a call, we can be reached at (919)215-5779. Call/text us today with any questions you may have, we look forward to hearing from you.

How long does it take to get my music back?

Turn around times are as quick as 24 hours and as long as 1 to 2 weeks. We offer different turnaround times for different pricing. Please visit our services page for more information regarding each specific service you need.

If I wanted to have my own studio at the house, what do I need?

We can help you build your own studio space right in your home/office/garage/etc.  Everything from acoustic panels, a list of equipment necessary for your music creation, and 1-on-1 training once we get everything setup.  If you would like to read more about things to consider when building your own studio space, go check out Outputs extensive list of gear and space considerations.


How do I export and send my stems for Mixing and Mastering?

Please remove all effects and plugins when exporting vocal stems for mixing. Vocals must be dry mono audio files, with no effects, panning, or plugins.  If you are submitting instrumentation stems we ask that you send all files in stereo and keep the levels and effects as is. Please do not process any drastic compression or equalization that may cause distortion and clipping, make sure to label and name your stems accordingly to avoid any delays. 

For the Bit Depth/Rate select 16 or 24. Only select the bit rate your original recording was completed in or lower. Keep in mind, when choosing a higher bitrate than your recording this will corrupt the file. If you are using pro tools please send the session and not the stems.

For a step by step guide on exporting stems in Logic please click the link below:


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