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Are you looking for a world class recording studio in Durham, North Carolina? Mix-tapes, singles/EP, references or a full-length album recording, our best-in-class Durham music recording studio will make your next hit meet or exceed industry standards.  We take pride in providing a one of a kind professional recording experience for all inspiring artist/bands for any genre of music like hip-hop, RnB, pop, rock, gospel, country, dance, and more!  We understand what it takes to come up with a creative piece and rely on the right studio to transform your intellectual property to the most valuable content in the music industry.  With over 17 years in the entertainment music profession practicing music production, audio engineering, web design, graphic design, and videography has enabled us to see the very best of creativity in display and understand how to infuse what we know in other projects.

The studio is built specifically to handle recording, mixing, mastering, and any other editing projects alike.  The studio features a 1200 sqft live room sufficient to handle single to team productions of all genres of music.  Multi-color led lights surround the studio space and allow you to control your setting and vibe.  All studio room acoustics and exposed soundproofing were carefully designed to provide a professional music experience for both the engineers and artist.  With state of the art equipment like the Lewitt LCT 940 Sub-Zero studio condenser mic powered by the zero(0) latency Universal Audio Quad X Pre-amp provides every project high-quality (48khz/48000SR) vocals.  

The studio is considered one of the best in Durham, NC with over 120 five(5) star reviews and hundreds of return clients. We promise to provide a unique and memorable experience every session.  If you are in need of a recording studio in Durham/Raleigh, then contact us today via call, text, email or chat with us live in the bottom right corner.


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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recording process like?

The engineer and you will discuss your plan of attack for the song and complete the initial setup of the mic placement, mic levels, and headphone levels. Then we hit record, you speak into the beautiful Lewitt LCT 940 microphone that converts the voice into electrical energy which is received and also sent back you the artist via the headphones. Do you play an instrument? We can record acoustic/electric instruments via the mic for a live sound or record directly into the system via 1/4″ cable.

What is the cost of a recording session in your studio?

The cost of recording at Tunes Recording Studio is $85/hour with an engineer and package deals availble for multi-hour sessions. You and your engineer can record, track/edit, mix, or master your music during the session. Whatever you need within your time, we work at any pace that suits you best and can adjust task on the fly.  Let your engineer know what you would like to accomplish and lets make some hits!

How is your recording studio built?

Our recording studio is built to standard with custom acoustic treatment. Quality materials were utilized to either reflect or absorb sound in the studio. So basically, the physical structure is also designed to give a recording artist the best possible outcome.  We have LED lights everywhere! You can customize the lighting of the room to fit the vibe of the current track. Plus they look awesome for music videos.  When recording, you will have a 55″ reference screen to view everything your engineer is doing to your track at all times.

Tunes Recording Studio - Studio A

Why should I consider using a professional studio?

There are different reasons why you need a professional studio just like ours. We have the right physical structure that supports good acoustics, top-notch equipment, and an experienced engineer to help you get the best possible recording outcome.

How do you guys make money?

Our pricing is used for both individual artists, bands, and corporate entities. So we get involved in the recording of different contents for different brands and individuals. Some of our clients consider us as the best recording studio in Durham, so we find it reasonable to attend to clients with various purposes when engaging in music production and sound recording.

How do I know when to visit the studio for a recording session?

Every studio session is by appointment. Usually, when you contact us and make demands on the number of hours you need, we will arrange for a time that is convenient for both parties. Once that is done, you will receive a detailed invoice with the studio address, my contact info, details of your package, and the 50% deposit options (Cashapp, PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, cash).  Once the 50% deposit is received, you will be on schedule to have your session at the appointed time. Also, it is important to send the beats/files you plan to use to our email at so we can prepare each track for recording.

Do you have a recording staff or it’s a self-service?

Yes, one or more recording staff will be present to assist you to enjoy your recording in Durham. Some other activities that our staff can handle include; mastering and mixing the audio, recording a video, especially for those that want to capture the moment spent exploring the recording equipment.

What is the task of a recording studio engineer?

The person that handles the task of evaluating your recording for quality is the studio engineer, also known as the audio engineer. The studio engineer also works closely with the artist to select the best possible outcome from a recording session. The studio engineer will most likely work with you to select the best out of 3 different recordings.

Should I expect my label to handle the cost of studio sessions?

Labels are more interested at recordings that go viral, and not the recordings you are still working on. Which means it is important to prepare for handling the cost of all studio recordings.