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  • Mack Geary producing a custom beat

    Custom Beat

    Do you need a custom beat for your next project?  Our producers can make one tailored to your project ideas and customize all aspects of the production with any instruments, genre of music, or theme.  We use many state-of-the-art digital and analog gear to create all of our music.  We have worked with many local, mainstream, and people from all over the world in need of original quality music.  So look no further, and get the beat you’ve been looking for, contact us today!

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  • FL Studio Screen Shot

    Mixing & Mastering

    Mixing is a key step in the production process. At TRS we can transform your vocals and instruments and tailor them to your specific sound by utilizing numerous industry-standard plugins like EQ, compression, autotune, reverb, delay, and more to give you a unique sound.

    In simple terms of importance, I would say mixing is 90% and audio mastering makes up the remaining 10%. I refer to audio mastering as the icing on the cake. Audio mixing is the most important step, where I add EQ, compression, gate, reverb, delay, do beat drops, glitch effect, pitch correction, etc. Professional music mixing is the process where we take all of your sounds and instruments recorded and blend them to perfection. When the mixing and mastering services are completed, you will be blown away with how your finished product sounds musically.

    Mastering on the other hand still involves compression, EQ, imaging, and limiting. Our music mastering is done to the final mix, adding the BIG sound and polish to bring your music to a radio-ready level. Mastering also allows helping the album sound unified. When we complete the mastering of your song, it will have the shine and balance as what you hear on today’s top 40 charts.

    All of the music mastering services are done by the owner/audio engineer/producer Mack Geary, with over 16 years experience. This control room is an acoustically treated studio equipped with high-end analog and digital audio equipment. We assure you nothing but the best, balanced sound, booming low end, and a full dynamic range. 

    Click “add to cart” and pay your $100 deposit to secure your spot on our mixing & mastering schedule.  When deposit payment is complete, you will receive a detailed invoice via text/email with the studio address, our contact info, details of your package, and the remaining balance of your project.

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  • Lewitt LCT 540 Microphone at Tunes Recording Studio


    Are you looking for a world-class recording studio in Durham, North Carolina? Mix-tapes, singles/EP, references, or a full-length album recording, our best-in-class Durham music recording studio will make your next hit meet or exceed industry standards. We take pride in providing a one-of-a-kind professional recording experience for all inspiring artists/bands for any genre of music like hip-hop, RnB, pop, rock, gospel, country, dance, and more! We understand what it takes to come up with a creative piece and rely on the right studio to transform your intellectual property to the most valuable content in the music industry. With over 16 years in the entertainment, music profession practicing music production, audio engineering, web design, graphic design, and videography has enabled us to see the very best of creativity in display and understand how to infuse what we know in other projects.

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    Tunes T-Shirt

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